Monday, August 30, 2010

Rudder pedals on the cheap

So I wanted a set of rudder pedals for flying my pretend airplanes. Rudder pedals are expensive. Well not really, but more than the $20 I wanted to spend.

Here's my quick and dirty solution that took an hour. All the hardware comes from the local hardware store. Yes the hinges are different lengths, I didn't notice that I had bought 2 different ones till I arrived home. Doesn't seem to make too much difference, but if you make this they probably should be identical.

The joystick is attached to the plywood with Velcro and the cord is taped to the grip. Everything else is screwed to the plywood with washers.

Happy flying!

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  1. I love diy mods and this one is for me, I love it so much, im making a set of these for myself.