Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An example of someone doing something similar to what I have in mind is a website run by a couple guys who mess around with foamie radio control airplanes.  Iterative experimentation is the name of the game here.  The principal behind it seems to have no real background in anything technical, and amusingly, seems to skip the 'research' phase of any project, preferring to just go ahead and 'do'.

They've actually made a number of  interesting models, and sell plans and kits online.

I'm not suggesting that going about things in such an unscientific way is an ideal approach to accomplishing anything, what impresses me more is how this guy has parlayed his regular updates to his Youtube videos, an 'everyman' approach to things, and the willingness to share his work into what looks to be a successful hobby business.

I think he's successful on multiple fronts.

1)  Looks like he's having fun doing it

2)  His website and videos provide entertainment/inspiration for people

3) It sounds like his website actually generates some revenue to pay for his hobby spending.  Whether it's enough money to cover his time from a $/hour perspective or not is another matter.

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